About The Artist
Brief Biography
I am a professional fused glass artist. My
studio, Terra Pax Studio, is located in the
Los Angeles, CA area. I have an M.F.A. in
Glass from Rochester Institute of
.  My mentor was Boyce
Lunstrom, a pioneer in fused glass, who's
passing in December of 2012 left a
creative void in the world of fused glass.
My Aesthic Vision
My work falls somewhere between
contemporary abstract and modern
impressionism. I derive inspiration from
natural imagery, and celbrate it's essence
in forms and paintings created with glass
and non-glass inclusions. I enjoy playing
with the contrast of opacity and
transparency. The fluidity of glass
fascinates me, and  
I exploit this quality by
nticing the glass to flow and rearrange to
create overlapping layers of viusual
Latest News
Cynthia Ann Swan - Terra Pax Studio
working on my seventh
collection, "Mineral Spirits
Collection 2014", a fanciful
interpretaion of fantastic from
recycled wine and beer bottle
glass. I intend to complete
and exhibit this new
collection later this year.